What services does The Wellnss Practice offer?      

Currently, TWP offers Holistic Nutrition and Movement services, but keep an eye out for more exciting services to come! Be sure to join our community for exciting updates ;)

What is the client portal and how do I access it?     

The client portal is an online platform for all TWP clients. Within the client portal you can access, details pertaining to your services and programs, forms and documents, private calendars to book 1:1 sessions and check-in calls, personalized protocols, e-books, tools and resources to help support and guide you through your wellness journey! Once you become a client and your personal account is activated, you'll receive your login information and have lifetime access. Note that the content accessible in each client's portal is specific to the service or program they have purchased.      

What exactly is a Holistic Nutritionist and how can they help me?     

A Holistic Nutritionist operates on the principal that every aspect of a person's being is connected and the body, its parts and systems- mind, body and soul, work together and rely on one another in order for a person to function optimally, feel and perform at their best. Since the body works together, in this intricately connected way, a Holistic Nutritionist analyzes an individual as such. Further, they look for the underlying root causes of health issues and concerns and adress them with natural whole foods, superfoods, herbs and nutrients, rather than isolating body parts and systems and adressing or treating symptoms with conventional medical remedies and treatments. At TWP, we acknowledge that each individual's body and circumstances are unique. We respect all health practices that are in a persons best interest- be it eastern, western, alternative, etc.- and realize that often, a person may need to rely on one or all at any given point of their life. Our wellness philosophy encourages education and self-empowerment; by teaching you about your body and how to properly connect to it, you will establish autonomy and feel empowered to advocate for your own health.       

If I'm not ready to commit to a TWP program or service right now but hope to in the future, what accessible tools and resources can I access now to get started on a healthier path?     

Our blog is a great place to start! We share nutrition education, wellness lifestyle tips and tricks, healthy whole food recipes, and so much more! When you join our community, we'll keep you up to date on everything wellness related so you can begin to create a wellness practice that works for you! You can also download or purchase one of our e-books, as they're packed with helpful nutrition and wellness info to get you started. You can also follow us on Instagram for daily wellness inspiration and knowledge. When you're ready, you can schedule a free 20 minute discovery call to discuss how we can best serve you!      

What is a personalized wellness protocol?

Personalized wellness protocols are included in certain Holistic Nutritional programs that TWP offers. They are a esentially individualized e-books that provide a holistic analysis and roadmap, if you will, to help educate and guide clients on how to best navigate their wellness journey. They generally include (but are not limited to), details of the clients personal health asessment, which identifies root causes of their health issues and the associated impact on health, nutrition foundations and how to effectively use nutrition and whole foods in daily life, specific foods to remove and include based on individual nutrient deficiencies discovered by the health analysis, customized meal plans and recipes, suggested supplements to rebalance the body, simple and practical lifestyle action-steps, routines and practices that align with and support wellness goals, and tools/resources for continued wellness education and support. Each protocol is unique according the the individual's state of physical and mental health and their specific wellness goals.     

Will my holistic wellness protocol be useful to me after our time working together, or is the information it contains specific to the cadence of the program?       

Though the individualized protocols include information specific to your biochemical health assessment during the time of us working together, it includes a lot of useful information that you will be able to leverage well beyond our sessions. Information such as, foods to serve your bio-individuality, educational content relating to nutrition and wellness specific to you, recipes, schedules, practices, resources, understanding best practices for whole foods and nutrition to support and align with your 28 day cycle, and other nutrition tips and tricks!      

Are the supplements prescribed in my protocol included with the program?     

No. Each client will be set up with an account on Fullscript, an online natural medicine dispencery. All purchases made through Fullscript are assumed by the client. Fullscript is available for clients within North America. For clients outside of North America, supplements can be purchased at your local health food store or natural pharmacy. Beyond specificifically prescribed supplements in accordance with client protocols, TWP has a shop page where you can find tons of genuine and clean wellness and lifestyle products within the apothecary section. We stand behind each product based on quality, ethics and sustainability. Most of the products have a TWP discount associated with them as well ;)      

How do you ensure that all the meals created in the personal nutrition plans are meals that I would enjoy?     

Prior to creation, you will fill out an extensive and detailed form. This form will cover, food and falvour preferences, intollerance, and allergies, as well as health concerns and wellness goals. There will also be an opportunity for you to share any information that you would like us to know prior to creating your recipes!     

Are the personal discussions we have during private calls and sessions kept confidential?     

Yes, absolutely. As Holistic Nutritionists, we are bound to confidentiality and you will sign a client agreement, prior to us working together, which states that all information shared in calls and/or sessions are private and will remain as such. This, however, excludes any stated threats made to your personal safety.     

Are Holistic Nutrition services covered by healthcare insurance?     

They can be! Depending on the group plan your employer has arranged with their respective health insurance provider, our services may be covered. For more information or insight into whether or not your specific healthcare plan includes Nutritional Consultation, you will need to contact them directly. If nutritional services are covered, your invoice will include the certification and association number of your practitioner.     

What if I have to cancel or reschedule the session(s) that I have booked?

You are more than welcome to reschedule a session after it has been booked! We do request you notify us 48 hours or 2 business days prior to the date of your booked session. Your session will be held and can be used at a time that works better for you. TWP does not offer refunds.      

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