Daily Nutrients

Two weeks of personalized whole food recipes aligned with your current health concerns and future health goals. You'll also receive information on the foundations of proper nutrition and how to practically apply these principles in your daily life.

About The Program

This Program is for you If...

You seek a simple and easy solution to approaching healthy eating on a daily basis

You want to incorporate functional, whole foods more intentionally 

You're looking for an approachable place to start that removes the guesswork and stress

Nutrition Tips & Tricks


A guide on how to practically and effectively leverage nutrition and whole foods to optimize your energy levels and digestion

Nutrition Foundations


A breakdown of nutrients and foods that best support your outlined concerns 

Two Weeks of Recipes

Meal planning

Two weeks of whole food recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and grocery list



I live outside North America, can I still work with The Wellnss Practice? 

Yes! As long as you have a device and an internet connection, we can work together towards your healing and wellness goals! We are honored and proud to be able to connect with clients across the globe.

What can I expect after receiving my personalized nutrition plan?

You can expect to feel lighter and more confident about your health and the food that you are putting into your body. You will have a plan of action and a foundation of motivation and inspiration, as it related to your eating habits and wellness lifestyle. You can rest assured that the foods you are consuming are in alignment with your health and wellness goals and are foods that will serve you rather than leave you feeling imbalanced, unwell and lacking energy. Although the meals and information provided are that of a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), this meal plan, on its own, is not a suitable option if you have more specific health challenges and or issues. Further consultation will be needed for individuals who suspect that more significant imbalances, diseases or disorders are contributing to their unwellness.  

What does the personalized nutrition plan include?

You will receive two weeks worth of whole food recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and a grocery list. Your nutrition plan will also include nutrition foundations for optimal physical well-being, tips on how to effectively use nutrition and whole foods in your daily life and general health and lifestyle recommendations based on the information shared in your completed nutirition planning form, which covers an overview of your current health state, concerns, goals, etc.           

When will I receive my personalized nutrition plan?

You will receive your personalized nutrition plan 7 business days after completeing all necessary forms and documents. Once your nutrition plan is complete, you will be able to access it in your personal client portal. 

What is the client portal and how do I access it?

The client portal is an online platform for all TWP clients. Within the client portal you can access, details pertaining to your services and programs, forms and documents, private calendars to book 1:1 sessions and check-in calls, personalized protocols, e-books, tools and resources to help support and guide you through your wellness journey! Once you become a client and your personal account is activated, you'll receive your login information and have lifetime access. Note that the content accessible in each client's portal is specific to the service or program they have purchased. 

If I purchase the 'Daily Nutrients' service, can I book a 60 minute 1:1 session thereafter if I want more hands on support and guidance?

Private 60 minute sessions are only available to clients that have completed a 90-minute initial consultation, since a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis should be done before any meaningful progress is made in regards to the clients health and well-being. Once this is complete, clients are more than welcome to schedule 1:1 sessions whenever they'd like and can do so within the client portal. Awareness and Alignment are two programs that offer 90-minute initial consultations. 

How do you ensure that all meals created in the personal nutrition plans are meals that I will enjoy?

Prior to creation, you will fill out an extensive and detailed form. This form will cover, food and falvour preferences, intollerance, and allergies, as well as health concerns and wellness goals. There will also be an opportunity for you to share any information that you would like us to know prior to creating your recipes!

Are the personal discussions we have during private calls and sessions kept confidential?

Yes, absolutely. As Holistic Nutritionists, we are bound to confidentiality and you will sign a client agreement, prior to us working together, which states that all information shared in calls and/or sessions are private and will remain as such. This, however, excludes any stated threats made to your personal saftey.

Are Holistic Nutrition services covered by healthcare insurance?

They can be! Depending on the group plan your employer has arranged with their respective health insurance provider, our services may be covered. For more information or insight into whether or not your specific healthcare plan includes Nutritional Practitioners, you will need to contact them directly. If nutritional services are covered, your invoice will include the certification and association number of your practitioner.

What if I have to cancel a service I have booked? 

You are more than welcome to reschedule a session that has been booked as a part of a program, however, TWP does not offer refunds. 

She introduced new foods, recipes, and supplements and was always available to chat if I ever had any questions. Carter isn't just my nutritionist, I see her as my life coach.

Emma L

Carter understands who she is and through that, she is able to help others see their own light from within.

Never pressured to get it all right but, instead, Carter has been the balm for my mind, body, and soul as I nourish from the inside out. Carter is not only a calming, soothing presence but equal parts wise, discerning and present.

Gabrielle R

From the very start of my healing journey at The Wellnss Practice, I've felt a palpable calmness in all the support Carter has provided me.

to be healthy and give my body the nutrition it needs without counting calories, obsessing over my weight, or feeling like food is some sort of punishment. Working with Carter allowed me to feel more confident grocery shopping, making breakfast, and eating dinner.

Kimi B

I loved working with Carter. The Wellnss Practice aligned perfectly with my goals and my values –

Carter was able to assess our situation and provide a nutritional plan with great sensitivity, knowledge, and insight. Her holistic approach connected the dots between two diets and multiple food sensitivities to provide a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Jess T

I reached out seeking help during COVID to help me manage meal planning, whilst adjusting to working from home

The Super List

Our favorite whole & superfoods organized according to where they benefit your body.

Your ultimate Grocery List

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