Four one-on-one sessions designed to help you move through the feeling of being stuck, both mentally and physically, and re-align with yourself- mind, body and soul- with more intention and connection.

Investment: $995

About the Sessions

This Program is for you If...

You feel as though something is "off" both mentally and physically

You know you need to make a change but you're unsure of where to start

You're feeling mentally overwhelmed with all the wellness information you're taking in, and feeling unsure of what you should be doing for your individual body and mind 

Despite your best efforts in wellness, self-care, and navigating your path, you still feel disconnected or off balance

No matter what you try or do you still feel stuck and the path toward the life you envision seems unclear

Your imbalances are manifesting physically with symptoms like...

Lack of energy

Lack of focus and clarity 

Brain fog


Feeling demotivated

Digestive issues

Toxicity/feeling like you need to "cleanse

Generally feeling "off"

During our 1:1 sessions, we will get clear on all that does not serve you and uncover the belief systems that are informing the patterns, processes, and habits that do not align with your purpose and are preventing you from healing. From a physical perspective, we'll assess your biochemical individuality and address any nutrient deficiencies that are impacting your mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

What You'll Recieve

Resources for Continued Support

• Books
• E-books 
• Journal prompts 
• Check-in call 

1:1 Deep Healing Sessions

• Four 1:1 guided healing sessions focused on identifying and understanding mental blocks, belief systems, and patterns that are not in alignment with the truth and purpose you are meant to actualize. 
• A 30-minute check-in call 

Lifestyle Protocol

• Simple and practical action steps through each phase, designed to fit into the current context of your life, align with your healing, and support your wellness goals. 
• We'll create new self-serving habits and practices that I will guide you through during our time together 

Supplemental Protocol

• Supplements prescribed for your biochemical individuality and specific nutrient deficiencies to rebalance and nourish at a cellular level
• Herbs to support the detoxification and healing process 

Nutrition Protocol

• Guidance on how to effectively use nutrition and whole foods in your daily life. 
• Foods to remove/include based on your specific nutrient deficiencies  

Biochemical Health Asessment

• In-depth symptomatology-based health assessment for a holistic analysis of well-being 
• Identify nutrient deficiencies and root causes of primary health concerns 


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• Biochemical health assessment performed, identifying nutrient deficiencies and diving deep into understanding all aspects of your life (past and present) 
• Wellness protocol introduced
• Identify both mentally and physically, all that is not serving you or in alignment with your highest self 
• Begin a gentle cleanse (step one of our detoxification process)
• Uncover belief systems and thought patterns that are not serving you and begin to make connections for deep understanding 

Session 1

Phase 1

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• Continue moving through belief systems and thought patterns, making connections to both past, and present   
• Gentle cleanse continues (step two of our detoxification process)
• Focus on re-populating and re-balancing the gut
• Introduce tools and resources to nourish mind, body, and soul as we move through your healing journey • Biochemical health assessment performed, identifying nutrient deficiencies and diving deep into understanding all aspects of your life (past and present) 
• Wellness protocol introduced
• Identify both mentally and physically, all that is not serving you or in alignment with your highest self 
• Begin a gentle cleanse (step one of our detoxification process)
• Uncover belief systems and thought patterns that are not serving you and begin to make connections for deep understanding 

Weeks 5-8

Phase 2

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• Establish new belief systems and self-serving practices that align with your intended path and serve your highest self 
• Together, we'll build an action plan to follow and empower you moving forward 
• Nutritional habits and practices to heal and nourish your body moving forward

Weeks 9-12

Phase 3

Here's how we'll move through the program


I live outside North America, can I still work with The Wellnss Practice? 

Yes! As long as you have a device and an internet connection, we can work together towards your healing and wellness goals! We are honored and proud to be able to connect with clients across the globe.

What can I expect once I complete Alignment?

At the beginning of our time together, we will discuss and agree upon what success looks like to you and what your goals are for the program. As Holistic Nutritionists, our goal is to assess your holistic being and uncover the root causes of your health concerns and healing challenges. In addition, your biochemical health analysis will provide deep awareness and uncover the primary concerns within your physical body, which will help guide us as we determine root causes. Since most of what prevents us from healing and moving forward exists in the mind, we place a lot of time and energy uncovering the reasons you have not been able to move forward, both physically and mentally, in the ways you are meant to. Once connections have been made, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of self and discover new, self serving patterns and practices that align with your intended path and support you in reaching your potential.                                          

What is the client portal and how do I access it?

The client portal is an online platform for all TWP clients. Within the client portal you can access, details pertaining to your services and programs, forms and documents, private calendars to book 1:1 sessions and check-in calls, personalized protocols, e-books, tools and resources to help support and guide you through your wellness journey! Once you become a client and your personal account is activated, you'll receive your login information and have lifetime access. Note that the content accessible in each client's portal is specific to the service or program they have purchased. 

Can I book additional 60 minute private session individually after completing the Alignment program?

Yes! If you've completed the program but still want access to continued support, you are more than welcome to schedule 1:1 sessions whenever you'd like! Within your client portal, you'll have access to a private calendar and will be able to book sessions based on availibility.  

Are the supplements prescribed in my protocol included with the program?

No. Each client will be set up with an account on Fullscript, an online natural medicine dispencery. All purchases made through Fullscript are assumed by the client. Fullscript is available for clients within North America (Canada and the US). For clients outside of North America, supplements can be purchased at your local health food store or natural pharmacy. Beyond specifically prescribed supplements in accordance with client protocols, TWP has a shop page where you can find tons of genuine and clean wellness and lifestyle products within the apothecary section. We stand behind each product based on quality, ethics and sustainability, and for most of them, you can shop with a TWP discount ;) 

How do you ensure that all meals created in the personal nutrition plans are meals that I will enjoy?

Prior to creation, you will fill out an extensive and detailed form. This form will cover, food and falvour preferences, intollerance, and allergies, as well as health concerns and wellness goals. There will also be an opportunity for you to share any information that you would like us to know prior to creating your recipes!

Are the personal discussions we have during private calls and sessions kept confidential?

Yes, absolutely. As Holistic Nutritionists, we are bound to confidentiality and you will sign a client agreement, prior to us working together, which states that all information shared in calls and/or sessions are private and will remain as such. This, however, excludes any stated threats made to your personal saftey.

Are Holistic Nutrition services covered by healthcare insurance?

They can be! Depending on the group plan your employer has arranged with their respective health insurance provider, our services may be covered. For more information or insight into whether or not your specific healthcare plan includes Nutritional Practitioners, you will need to contact them directly. If nutritional services are covered, your invoice will include the certification and association number of your practitioner.

What if I have to cancel a service I have booked? 

You are more than welcome to reschedule a session that has been booked as a part of a program, however, TWP does not offer refunds. 

She introduced new foods, recipes, and supplements and was always available to chat if I ever had any questions. Carter isn't just my nutritionist, I see her as my life coach.

Emma L

Carter understands who she is and through that, she is able to help others see their own light from within.

Never pressured to get it all right but, instead, Carter has been the balm for my mind, body, and soul as I nourish from the inside out. Carter is not only a calming, soothing presence but equal parts wise, discerning and present.

Gabrielle R

From the very start of my healing journey at The Wellnss Practice, I've felt a palpable calmness in all the support Carter has provided me.

to be healthy and give my body the nutrition it needs without counting calories, obsessing over my weight, or feeling like food is some sort of punishment. Working with Carter allowed me to feel more confident grocery shopping, making breakfast, and eating dinner.

Kimi B

I loved working with Carter. The Wellnss Practice aligned perfectly with my goals and my values –

Carter was able to assess our situation and provide a nutritional plan with great sensitivity, knowledge, and insight. Her holistic approach connected the dots between two diets and multiple food sensitivities to provide a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Jess T

I reached out seeking help during COVID to help me manage meal planning, whilst adjusting to working from home

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