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The Wellnss Practice is a virtual wellness centre and online community created by CNP, Carter Reid. We're on a mission to help you reach your true potential by helping you access the power of your mind and guiding you to create unique and intentional wellness practices that support the highest and most authentic expression of your life.

I started The Wellnss Practice with clear intentions to guide and inspire humans to reach their true potential and empower them to live out their life's purpose. 

After years of struggling with my own mental and physical health, I became aware of the many ways in which my dis-ease impacted the quality of my life; the belief systems I had established, the way I felt, the decisions I made, the relationships I had, etc. It quickly became clear, how often we humans miss the opportunity to reach our full potential. I believe that we all have a unique purpose on earth, and harnessing our potential to live out that purpose is our birthright. If we're given the proper resources, when we connect with and learning from one another, have access to the right tools, and support, there's no limit to what we're capable of achieving. 

Now more than ever, this world needs agents of change in order to move towards our collective evolution. I believe this is only possible by accepting our authentic selves (the lightness and the darkness) and courageously embracing the lives we were intended to live. I hope TWP can be a resource for the knowledge, tools, inspiration, and support you seek at any stage, to better understand your health and well-being as it relates to your authentic path and provide a safe and inclusive community, fostering connection, growth, and mobility.

A note from Carter

The Practice

The current disciplines of focus within our practice are body detoxification, and holistic nutrition for mental health and cognitive function (central nervous system support). 

The Community

We're growing a community of strong, informed, compassionate, and conscious humans. A community that supports, educates, inspires, challenges, holds space and leads with love. We honour inclusion, diversity, vulnerability and connection, and strive for innovation and expansion. We proudly embrace the many faces of humanity and learn from one another as we grow. We’re grateful you found your way here. 

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Our 6 Principles


It all starts with awareness. From there, belief, thought, action, and impact are born, and change, growth, and evolution become possible.


Once we are able to come to terms with our collective oneness, we will know the true capability and power we possess as a human race.


Intention sparks inspiration and motivation and drives purpose. Purpose, in the name of love, creates profound impact.


When we are able to find compassion for the deepest parts of ourselves, we are able to have it for others and move through life with wisdom and grace. We are all connected.


Curiosity is one of our most powerful states of being, allowing for endless creativity and growth.


We are meant to live in loving service of other. We're actively working towards a more connected world by actively giving back to support both humanity and our environment. Learn more about our impact.

She introduced new foods, recipes, and supplements and was always available to chat if I ever had any questions. Carter isn't just my nutritionist, I see her as my life coach.

Emma L

Carter understands who she is and through that, she is able to help others see their own light from within.

Never pressured to get it all right but, instead, Carter has been the balm for my mind, body, and soul as I nourish from the inside out. Carter is not only a calming, soothing presence but equal parts wise, discerning and present.

Gabrielle R

From the very start of my healing journey at The Wellnss Practice, I've felt a palpable calmness in all the support Carter has provided me.

to be healthy and give my body the nutrition it needs without counting calories, obsessing over my weight, or feeling like food is some sort of punishment. Working with Carter allowed me to feel more confident grocery shopping, making breakfast, and eating dinner.

Kimi B

I loved working with Carter. The Wellnss Practice aligned perfectly with my goals and my values –

Carter was able to assess our situation and provide a nutritional plan with great sensitivity, knowledge, and insight. Her holistic approach connected the dots between two diets and multiple food sensitivities to provide a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Jess T

I reached out seeking help during COVID to help me manage meal planning, whilst adjusting to working from home

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Our favorite whole & superfoods organized according to where they benefit your body.

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